What A Good Restaurant Website should have in 2021

The benefits of online ordering for restaurants include saving time, reducing busy phone lines, getting more orders online and tracking customer preferences


Like your storefront, first impressions are important. It is important that you reflect the quality and service you provide to your restaurant website as well.  Like any business, first impressions are important.  

So without further adieu, here is what a good restaurant should have

Your Own Professional High-Quality Photos

Your restaurant website should have high-quality pictures of your food. That sounds pretty obvious especially considering people taste with their eyes.

When considering restaurant photos, look no further to stock photo sites like Unsplash, Pixabay or Adobe Stock for inspiration.  Notice I say inspiration only. The photos of your food should be your own! Customers will be confused and even angry if the food they get does not look like the ones in the picture of course!

Fast and Fully Responsive

A good restaurant website is fast. It is fast on mobile, tablet and desktop. It should be responsive and look good on all screens. Optimizing for mobile is more important than ever.  Page speed is a ranking factor for Google and users expect load page times to be under 3 seconds.  A websites bounce rate is related to it’s page load speed times, so faster is obviously better. If you are under the 2- 3 second threshold, that should be “good enough” for most restaurant websites. 

Your restaurant website should have high quality pictures of your food. That sounds pretty obvious especially considering people taste with there eyes.

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User Friendly Contact Info

Having your contact info is important not only so that users can call you 

or find your address but it is also important for SEO. Your contact info should be easily visible on your site. That includes phone number, address and email. Of the three, the phone number is the most important. It is especially important that you make the phone number button a “click to call”. This allows users to easily click your phone number on their phone and place a call without having to type in a number. These little things are pretty big things that can impact conversion rates and orders. 


Google Maps

Your address in some sort of map like Google Maps, Map Box or OpenStreetMaps is also important.  If you have multiple locations, make sure that each location is a separate pin on the same map. Alternatively, if you only have a couple locations you can create a mini map for each location. 

A Menu

A restaurant should have a menu on there website. This could be a PDF menu, an online ordering menu or a list of items on your site created to look like a menu. You could also have all three. Make sure the menu is mobile friendy. If you are using a PDF, make sure that it is easy to read on all devices and the button linking to the PDF is visible.  My suggestion would be to have an online ordering button in the header. In addition,  have certain menu items on your website. For some specialty items, make it a separate page with an image. Having separate pages that outlines the items description, ingredients and flavours is also great for SEO. 

Online Ordering

These days having online ordering for restaurants is becoming more common place. I see this trend continuing with or without the current pandemic in place. If you think of other websites like retail, rarely are people placing orders via the phone. While services like DoorDash and Skip The Dishes are popular for delivery, a good restaurant website will incorporate online ordering for at least pickup orders. Having online ordering for pickup gets more people to your website. More visitors on Google will make you rank better for SEO. With your online ordering on your website you are in control of you menu and promotions.  Use your own online data to create your own customer promotions.  You will also  save time taking phone call orders. Finally, online ordering can help grow your restaurant. Just look at Amazon, they are not taking orders over the phone. The consumer these days is use to online ordering in almost every industry. See more reasons why to use online ordering in your restaurant

Branded Web Design

A restaurant website should showcase the restaurant’s brand at every level.  Incorporate the branding such as color, font, style, imagery, tone, function and feeling of your in store restaurant brand to your online website. Make sure your logo is clearly visible in the header, footer and favicon of your restaurant’s site.  If needed work with a professional developer or designer to ensure the look and feel of your restaurant website is just right. 

Social Sharing

Link your website to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social network sites.  This way users can tweet, like or share their dining experience with others. Also make sure you website is linked up on Google By Business and Google Maps. 

On your restaurant’s website you call also add plugins like share this to increase your followers and page likes.


Having Google Analytics on your site allows you to track user behaviour and userrestaurant website funnel acquisition. Is the number of visits to your site growing over time and are people that visit your site taking key actions? These are some of the many questions Google Analytics can answer.

If you have online ordering on your site, you should be able to generate reports on your restaurant’s website funnel. This will tell you how many people go from website visits to starting the online ordering. Further down the funnel you can see the “drop off” of users in checkout and placing the order.


Content is king! That’s not only true for restaurant sites but for all websites. Content however can take on many different forms. A restaurant probably does not need to have long blog articles like on other websites. Content should come in the form of videos, recipes, infographics and menus.

Try to mix up the content my using website components like image galleries, carousel sliders, forms, and even embedded YouTube videos. 

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