Website Funnels And Landing Pages

Why Care About Website Funnels and Landing Pages.

If you are running and sort of online advertising for your small business it is critical that you have a proper landing page with the relevant CTA  or funnel on your website that converts your visitors to leads.  A successfunnel, (successful funnel or landing page) helps optimize your ad performance and quality score by 

  1. improving the user experience 
  2. Increasing the users time on page
  3. Increasing the number of interactions (clicks, form fills, phone calls)


These signals get sent back to Google and are a important factor in determining your ad quality score which ultimately impacts your cost per click and whether or not your ads are profitable or not. 

What is the recipe for website funnels and landing pages?

There is no set look for what a good funnel or landing page should look like. It will vary greatly by your industry, the type of ads you are running, your customer audience and the conversion action you would like people to do on your website. However, the following principles you should try and follow include 

1. Keep The Message On Point

Similar to when you are listening to a Ted Talk or a good sales presentation, you want to stay on point and deliver the message you are trying to convey. Don’t veer off topic.  Anything you mention should be backing up or supporting the overarching theme of your presentation. With a website landing page, it should be the same. You don’t want to distract users with all the different kinds of services you offer or have multiple call to actions going to different service pages.  The messaging should be on point and completely avoid any distractions that might lead the user away from your funnel/ landing page. 

2. Ensure Your Ads Are Relevant

If a user is clicking on an ad, you want to ensure that the landing page is completely relevant to the ad they are clicking on. Too many businesses are wasting away their ad spend by having an ad that goes to a general home page or a a different service page then the one advertised for. This results not just in wasted clicks and ad spent, but future wasted ad spend as Google penalizes poor quality score with a higher cost per click. 

3. Make It Easy For The User

Make sure that the form you are creating is easy for the user the fill out. If your form needs to have many questions, consider breaking it down into multiple steps and giving the user relevant feedback on each step of the form. 

3. Follow up with the User/Lead ASAP.

You want to ensure you follow up with your potential customer asap. The time between a lead and closing the sale allows for your future customer to keep prospecting and the potential for competitors to capture your sale. While it is understandable as a small business owner that you might not be available 24/7, try to ensure you follow up on a lead within 2 to 24 hours regardless the size of your business. 

Constructing Website Funnels and landing pages

There are many ways to build a funnel or landing page. You can choose to hire a developer or agency or do it yourself using a page builder if you are familiar with web development. There are also many other DIY page builders or funnel services out there including:

  1. Elementor Pro
  2. Click Funnels
  3. Unbounce


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