Local Citations For Restaurants In Canada

Table List of Top Local Citations For Restaurants in Canada

Citation Site Ahref DR Business Directory Niche
facebook.com 100 General
instagram.com 99 General
google.com 98 General
linkedin.com 98 General
maps.appple.com 97 Genera
foursquare.com 91 General
pinterest.ca 91 General
yellowpages.ca 89 General
yelp.ca 87 General
opentable.com 86 Restaurants
restaurantguru.com 86 Restaurants
zomato.com 84 Restaurants
restaurantji.com 73 Restaurants
pricelisto.com 72 General
canada411.ca 71 General
canpages.ca 69 General
happycow.net 68 Vegan Restaurants
zmenu.com 67 Restaurants
foodpages.ca 58 Restaurants
menupix.com 52 Restaurants
sirved.com 48 Restaurants
activediner.com 39 Restaurants
foodlocate.com 32 Restaurants
topmenu.com 28 Restaurants

listings subject to change along with DR scores

What exactly are local citations?

Local citations for restaurants involve listing your restaurant details such as your restaurant’s name, address and phone number (NAP) along with a link back to your website. Local citations are a type of backlink that can be done manually and usually for free through a signup process on a high authority website or niche-specific aggregator. It is a type of local SEO strategy that is used to drive authority and traffic to your website, especially a new website. It is a manual and time-consuming task that is relatively easy to do and can boost your website rankings alone to the top of Google for your branded keyword.  

Why is it important to build citations?

It is important to build citations to drive traffic to your own website and increase your website presence online. Increasing the authority of your website is important because it allows customers to click on your website before other third-party apps intercept your customers.  This is especially true if your website accepts online orders. Most people will click on the very first link of the search results. If people are “Googling” your restaurant name and your website is not at the very top of Google then you could be losing out on website visits and customers.


These days more and more people are starting online ordering by going to Google and typing in the restaurant name. The majority of users often click on the first link they see and will prefer to order online. If that link is a third-party website you will have to give a large piece of your profits to Skip The Dishes, Uber Eats, Door Dash or any other third-party agency you have partnered with.  

In Summary

If customers are searching your restaurant brand name, which they often do if your restaurant has been around for a while, then it is extremely important that your own website show up first on Google search results – otherwise you could be losing out on profits. Building citations to the popular and highly rated citation sites above will increase your website authority and drive more traffic to your site. As a result, over time your website will continue to rank higher on Google, especially if your website is well optimized.