Top Five Best Thai Restaurants in New Delhi

Thai Food New Delhi

#1 Neung Roi

Radisson Blu Plaza,
Block R, Mahipalpur, New Delhi

The first place in this list of top Thai restaurants in New Delhi is occupied by Neung Roi. It is also a Thai-embassy recommended restaurant for having finest and the most authentic Thai cuisines in New Delhi. Some call it the best Thai restaurant in all of India, a great feat for a restaurant to have given the size of the country. The restaurant is situated in the upscale location at Radisson Blu near New Delhi Airport. Chefs here are Thai, keeping the food as authentic as possible. They greet the visitors with warm gestures making them comfortable with their hospitality. They place great importance on the décor of the restaurant, gesture of staff, taste & authenticity of the food and freshness of raw material of the food. The specialty about the restaurant is that it offers flavors from every region of Thailand. Visit this restaurant for Thai food beyond curries

Thai dishes you must try

Krachai Gab Goong (Stir Fried Prawn), Gaeng Bpa Ped (Jungle Duck Curry), Tub Tim Krob (Water Chestnut in Coconut Jasmine Syrup, Thai Green Curry with Sticky Rice, Minced Chicken, Tom Yum Soup, Pad Thai

#2 Mamagoto

53, Khan Market,
Rabindra Nagar, New Delhi

Mamagoto had a really close call with some other restaurant for this spot, but it finally won. It has a relaxed and funky culture unlike other Thai restaurants in this list which are sophisticated. It started in a party-hopping location, Khan market, and has since then expanded to other locations. They are confident about themselves that they boast about not serving authentic Thai food. If traditional Thai food is not for your taste bud, visit this place for fusion Thai food. This place is popular among the young crowd for its affordable prices. When you are in the mood for Dumpling, try the restaurant-recommended Chilli Garlic Dumpling. They have recently ventured into retailing sauces handcrafted by their chefs so that you can add the same flavor to Thai cuisines prepared at home. Now relish the delicious Thai food made by you with the Mamagoto touch. Check out their sauces here!

Thai dishes you must try

Lotus Stem Honey Chilli, Pan Fry Noodle, Top ramen soup bow, Green thai curry, Dumpling

#3 Pa pa ya

Dome, Level 4, 
Select City Walk, Saket, New Delhi, 

Pa Pa Ya has a modern and contemporary take on Thai cuisines. The promoter with the help of the chef has delicately given a modern take to the traditional Thai cuisine. The innovation brought as a result suits the palate of Indians all the while keeping the original taste and flavor of Thai dishes. They have put paramount focus on the freshness and sourcing of ingredients so that authenticity in taste is maintained. Pa Pa Ya is a restaurant that serves Thai dishes with a twist. The large dome at the centre of this Thai restaurant allows the sunlight in the daytime and gives the lounge-like look in the night-time. Once you have had their delicious Thai food, for dessert order much-talked about ‘Chocolate Ball on Fire’. This fine-dining restaurant has the largest varieties of Dim sums.

Thai dishes you must try

Crystal Dimsums, Tacos, Baos, Chocolate Ball on Fire. Green Curry Vegetable with Steamed Rice.

#4 Bo Tai

6,4  Kalka Das Marg
Behind Qutub Minar, Mehrauli, New Delhi

This Thai restaurant overlooks New Delhi’s famous monument Qutub Minar, giving tough competition to its mate Thai High. The restaurant is famous not just for its delicious Thai food but also for the cocktails. People just love their cocktails. If you are a gin fan, we recommend you try ‘Full Moon Festival’. It ranks high for its delicious food and drinks, nice location and courteous staff. What else would one need? Start with Avocado Salad for starters, fill yourself up with Massaman Curry (it is a sin to skip this dish), Jasmine Rice for the main course along with a cocktail of your choice and end your meal with Coconut Creme Brûlée for dessert. 

Thai dishes you must try

Avocado Salad, Massaman Curry, Jasmine Rice, Coconut Creme Brûlée

#5 Thai High

1091/1, Ambawatta Complex
Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi 

Another Thai restaurant overlooking Qutub Minar. It is also called the most romantic restaurant in New Delhi for its beautiful and open ambience. Come with your loved one and express your feelings for your loved one under the moon and stars and she will remember it for long. On top of that, pamper her with the amazing Thai food served at this restaurant. The restaurant has a valet parking so forget about the car parking woes. Apart from being famous for its delicious Thai food, it is as much famous for the ambience and the location. It receives brownie points for the location making into top Thai restaurant list in New Delhi.

Thai dishes you must try

Thai Green Curry, Grilled Black Pepper Prawn Satay, Thai High Chicken

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