How can restaurants increase their own online orders

A few things restaurants can do to increase their online presence, build trust online, and entice customers to order from them more frequently
Marketing Tips for restaurants in 2021

Add Your Menu to your Website

Have an updated website with your menu items. PDF is okay, but it is often not mobile-friendly or responsive and slows websites down. Get good local SEO and ensure your phone number, email, and address to Google Maps is boldly visible on each page footer.

In-House Online Ordering

Restaurants with online ordering save substantial commission fees and time. Even if you choose not to do your delivery yourselves, why pay large commission fees on pickup orders to third-party apps. Find out how much money you are really losing with delivery apps each month.


A great hosting provider with SSL ensures that your site is secure, and websites with SSL (HTTPS encryption) rank better on Google and build trust.

Go Daddy typically overcharges and under delivers with their hosting and website builder packages. Most restaurants go with them simply because they heard them before.

Google My Business Page

You must have a Google My Business Page for your restaurant. Having a completed Google My Business profile that is up to date with tons of positive reviews will significantly increase your website presence. On Google My Business, you can create posts and updates that reach a broad audience and link to your website. Respond to reviews, both positive and negative, to build trust and authority. 

Facebook Page / Instagram

A social presence is vital for any business. Maintaining a positive social presence for restaurants allows others to review and recommend you directly on social media. It also increases your restaurant’s visibility via posts, tags, shares, and mentions. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are like doing social media on steroids. With even a small budget, you can get 10X the number of page views, likes, and engagements. Create ads with promotions to your online ordering menu, and you start getting more traffic and orders through Facebook.

Google Ads

These days DoorDash, Skip The Dishes, and UberEats are dominating the web. Big Tech companies spend millions in ads and marketing buying other restaurant keywords. In actuality, what they are doing is buying your brand name and selling it back to you at ten times the cost. With a modest Google Ads budget, you can combat this and start advertising to get more mobile traffic to your site for online orders or phone calls. Promote pickup orders through ads with promotions or deals not available on the delivery app platforms. 

Table Top QR Codes:

I have attached an example QR code design you can use to bring awareness to your restaurant. If you need a Free QR code, I can send a professionally designed QR code customized for your restaurant to you. Send an email to me with your restaurant name and url.

Promotion Codes Inside Skip The Dishes Delivery Driver Bags

You can put promotion codes or ads inside the third party delivery driver bags telling your customers to order Pickup or Delivery from your website next time.

Flyer Delivery / MailChimp

These are great to get the word out for promoting your business. Use Mailchimp to ensure you are complying with anti-spam regulations and send only to your customer list (those who ordered online or subscribed on your website)


We sell Bluetooth printers. If you need printers, please let me know. I recommend printing for all restaurants doing more than ten online orders a day through any platform. 

Increase the Price on Third Party Platforms

I have seen quite a few restaurants raising the price slightly on third-party platforms. Some restaurants do this across all items, while some increase it for some menu items only.

Run specials in your restaurant that is only available for pickup, dine-in, or in-house delivery. 

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