Online Opportunity For Restaurants

Maximize Your Restaurant Presence Online
SEO for restaurants in 2020. A high level summary of SEO strategies Restaurants can implement today to get more orders online

How should I start to increase my online presence? 

When starting out ensure that you create your business listings in online local directories.

For restaurants these include sites like Zomato,Linkedin, Trip Advisor, Yellow Pages, Yahoo, Facebook, Google My Business, Sidewalk and many others. Try to find ones that are local and avoid signing up for listings that take large commission percentages from your business or require you to pay a high fee.


How can users learn about your business and take action while visiting your website?

When visitors land on your website, make sure that you have a clear call to action on your website. 

New visitors may want to learn more about your business while visiting. Include a menu with images, and about us page and a gallery of some of your featured items. 

Have a Google map of your business and restaurant phone number and email easy to find

Include a FAQ section and a contact form as well as links to your social media pages.


Why have an online presence?

Creating a website that is informative and useful will help your business increase your online presence. You will show up higher on Google search for when users search for businesses likes yours. 


How can I measure the success of my website?

Web analytic tools like Google Analytics can help you analye your website users, where they are coming from and what actions (events) they are taking on your page.

You can use eCommerce or online ordering platforms to track online ordering performance via online sales and measure conversion rates.

A great way to get more website visitors is through social media. Build your audience via social media with engaged posts or offers about your products and services.


How can I understand the Customer Journey online? 

A website funnel and tools like hotjar can help you understand what users are doing on your site. Put yourself in the customers shoes to understand what they are looking for and their search intent. One model for helping you do this called the “See, Think, Do Framework”.

Optimize your website and customer touch points based on what a user is trying to accomplish. 



How can I increase customer loyalty?

Work on and identify your unique selling point.  Once you find that, raise awareness to it across all marketing channels and mention it in your website, blog and ad copy. 



What are the three main steps for building an online strategy?

Figure out your company goals, write a mission statement and identify your businesses unique selling point. 

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