Stripe API Keys - Create A Stripe Account And Located The API Keys

Setting up Stripe for your restaurant website’s online ordering is very easy. If you are stuck please visit Stripe Support and they can help you over the phone or via chat including how to setting up and finding your Stripe API keys in your dashboard. 

This video gives a brief overview on how to get started with Stripe. Once you have created a Stripe account, activated your account and put in your business details you will be able to see your Stripe API keys. 

For further questions or instruction you can visit the guide here or book a meeting time with me 

Please do not email me any Stripe API keys for security reasons.  If you have questions on how to share please ask directly or visit our contact page

Common Issues

Stripe API Keys
Stripe API Keys. Insert both the publishable Key and Secret Key into your application

The photo above shows where to find your Publishable and Secret Stripe API keys. Please ensure only to share these with a trusted developer or application and share them in a secure manner. 

Why Do I Need To Create A Stripe Key?

Creating a Stripe API key is completely optional. It is used in order to process payments online similar to other payment processors like Paypal, Gravity Payments, Authorize.Net and Moneris. We provide a number of payment gateway connections but Stripe is the easiest to get started and does not require any contracts while offering standard competitive rates. Another key option is Stripe offers Google Pay options and Apple Pay. 

When Do Processing Fees Apply?

Processing fees will only apply when a payment is made online. As the restaurant owner you can pass some of the processing fees onto the customer by invoking a online service fee or processing fee if they choose to checkout using the online payment options. I recommend not doing this to start with, but rather have an online tip option enabled during the online checkout process. Here a customer can enter in any tip amount or percentage that most often makes up for the processing fees incurred . 

What Are the Processing Fees?

The processing fees on Stripe are 2.9% + 0.30 per transaction. Most credits cards online such as Visa and Mastercard take 2% right off the bat. The rates above are the current competitive and go to rates for processing fees online.  We collect no commission fee or processing fees ourselves with our current monthly plans. For more info please visit their website. If you have further questions related to Stripe fees, the payout process or using navigating the dashboard please reach out to their support team directly

The Refund Process

In the rare occasion that a payment is captured (order is accepted)  and the customer would like a refund you have the option to provide them a refund. There are two recommended ways to do this.


  • Issue refund via the Stripe Dashboard. 
  • Send them an e-transfer. 


Either method is fine. If you are going to go with E-transfer make sure you use the same email that they placed the order with so that you evidence that you did in fact refund the order.