Social Media Posting

Social Media Posting for Restaurants on Instagram, Facebook and Google My Business

Social Media Posting For Restaurants

Supercharge your sales today with social media posting for restaurants. Too busy in the kitchen? Outsource your marketing to The Order Guys.


We will post on Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business. 


On the fence about whether to start? We have helped many local restaurants with their social media marketing, increasing their sales online with effective posts and strategies. 

Social Media Management

Up to 30 posts every month including content creation for each post, hashtag research, branded watermarks, comments. Posts will be scheduled each month to up to 3 platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business). Get customers to order through you directly or book online. 

We have an array of millions of stock photos that we can use or you can provide your own photos to us too. 

Increase your social engagement

Social media management across three platforms with regular and optimally timed posts scheduled ahead monthly.  We can even work with you to ensure your website is up to date with your social media account and ordering system. Have everything in one place with perfectly timed social prompts and promotions and marketing campaigns or contests that will make hungry customers turn to you! 

Done For You Social Media Posting

Scheduled posts, hashtag research, locally written content.  Reach out to learn more. 

Who We Work With?

We work with lots of local restaurants and other small businesses to increase their social media. We have no contracts. Sign up today to give your brand the boost it needs. 

Not sure where to begin? Request a quote or call back using our contact form above.

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Social Media Posting Secrets

It is no secret that it is very hard to post everyday and consistently. In order to do consistent posting for a restaurant owner, most often they hire an agency, get their staff to post if they are up for the task. There are a few tools that help restaurant owners to post to social media and increase their visibility on these platforms. 

1. Use A Social Media Posting Platform Tool. 

There are many social media posting software tools to help restaurants and other local businesses with their social media needs.  These include HootSuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, Social Bee and many others. The advantage of using a social media posting tool is to allow you to schedule your posts in advance. With a tool and platform like Social Bee, you can use Canva (a graphic designer tool) to easily create and post new content that is evergreen. Instead of posting to just one platform at a time, a social media posting tool lets you post to multiple platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Google My Business all a the same time. 

2. Reach Out To A Local Influencer

Reaching out to a local influencer can help you gain a lot of new customers and followers to your page. This is especially true if your local influencer has a large following. You can try to reach out to them directly and invite them to your restaurant and give them VIP service and treatment. The worst case that can happen is that they decline the invite. 

3.  Hire An Agency or The Order Guys

The easiest way to grow your following is to hire an agency. Some agencies might charge a lot of money sometimes even thousands of dollars a month to grow your online presence. The Order Guys can help with social media posting, SEO and Google Ads to grow your business at a fraction of the cost!