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Rank your website with SEO Edmonton today! We’ll get you on Google’s first page for your desired search term in no time.

Search Engine Optimization Section

Rank your website with SEO Edmonton today! We’ll get you on Google’s first page for your desired search term in no time.

SEO Edmonton offers an affordable and comprehensive search engine optimization campaign to rank your website on the first page of Google. Our team understands what it takes to rank top in Google and we will get you there.

Google My Business Optimizations

We’ll make sure that your business is found, even when you’re not online. Get a free consultation and get more customers!

Find new customers and grow your business with a marketing strategy that includes online advertising. With our expertise in SEO, we’ll make sure that your business is found, even when you’re not online.

Organic Growth Section

Want to save money? We’ll help you grow your business with organic growth strategies that actually work. We guarantee organic growth signals and keyword tracking for your restaurant and local business in a matter of months. 

What Does an SEO Package Include?

An SEO package typically includes a bundle offer or popular SEO services. Typically SEO companies require a long term commitment or contract as the work involved is often ongoing and it takes several months or longer to see noticeable results in the Google search term ranking. 

Top SEO Packages can include: 

  • On-page SEO
  • Off page SEO (backlinking)
  • Google My Business optimizations
  • Social Media Posting
  • Local business citations
  • Blog or article writing
  • Backlinks from other websites
  • Keyword tracking and reporting


We explore what each part of the SEO package actually involves in more detail below. 

On Page SEO in Edmonton

On Page SEO involves analyzing the content of your website as well as any developer related issues of your website under the hood. Often there is many SEO issues with a website, even if done by a professional website developer as the focus of SEO vs website development don’t intersect. Main On Page SEO issues encountered in a website include

  • Slow Page Speed
  • Broken Links or 404s
  • No internal or external links
  • In correct use or h1,h2 or h3 tags
  • Lack of diversity in content
  • Missing or poor alt text and image optimization
  • In correct or missing meta title or descriptions
  • Poorly written content for the target keywords 

Off Page SEO in Edmonton

Off page SEO can be summarized as anything that helps with a websites search traffic that is not done on the website itself and does not involve online advertising. SEO not done on the website is extremely important based on how Google’s search algorithm works. In a nutshell Google analyses all the websites that link to your website and based on the quality and keywords of these websites, they effect how your website should rank. If you don’t have any quality backlinks (links pointing to your website) then Google thinks your website is new or of poorer quality and that will effect your search result ranking. 

Google My Business Optimizations

Google My Business optimizations are critical for local businesses. This is especially true if your business a physical store front. Optimizing your business includes 

  • Collecting more reviews
  • Review management 
  • Google My Business posting
  • Uploading quality images
  • Ensuring your service section is filled out and up to date
  • Adding booking or online ordering to your business profile


All of these factors have a critical role in gaining visibility. It is especially important that your name, address and phone number on your Google profile matches that of your website and social media pages. The main h1 tag on the front page of the website should match the Google My Business name exactly. 

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