QR Codes for Restaurants

QR codes for restaurants are a marketing tool to help you drive traffic to your website, enable customers to view or order from your menu and bring more attention to your business. 


There are many ways to use QR codes for restaurants without paying a single dime! With the exception of actually printing QR code marketing for restaurants is free.

QR Codes For Your Restaurant

No expensive software needed. Get a free fast quote for your custom QR Design. We offer fully designed and custom branded QR Codes with landing pages for any marketing campaign.  

QR Codes for restaurants

Use Third-Party Drivers To Help Bring Awareness

One trick I tell my restaurant partners is to put these QR codes into the Skip/Uber or Door Dash delivery bag drivers so they can help market your own website. Because your online prices should be much higher (20% higher at least) on third-party websites like UberEats both you and the customer will benefit if they order from you directly for pickup.

If you are doing your own in-house delivery then you should focus on getting all the orders that you can easily manage near your restaurant and have the third company companies do the far away orders.

As a restaurant owner try and convert as many of these lower-tier customers as possible.  I call them lower tier as they are not really your most loyal or best customers. They use third-party apps to order from you rather than directly and because of that your profit from these customers is greatly reduced. Converting these customers to more profitable and loyal customers should be your priority. Your selling point is your customer service and a bit of a financial incentive as well to get to entice them.

Display your QR Codes on the Door

What better place to stick a QR code than right on the door so that all the customers who come to your restaurant can see them. Place your most important messages here along with a QR code to your website, online ordering menu or even just a PDF menu. 

Online Ordering QR Code Design
Flyer Design Created for Jay Bees Diner
Basilies Flyer Design QR Code
Bailie's 2 For 1 Pizza

For QR codes, make sure that the links go to a landing page that is optimized for mobile. Most of the time PDFs are very large, load slowly and are not mobile-friendly. If the user has to use their fingers to zoom in and out of the page then that is not a great user experience.

QR Codes for Restaurants as a Sticker for the Window

Maybe you want passers-by to scan a QR code to see your menu. This could work well if you are in an area with lots of foot traffic like downtown or at a shopping mall. Make your QR code at the window pop and stand out to grab the user’s attention. There are several ways to design a unique QR code including uploading your own logo and changing the shapes and colours. QR codes for restaurants don’t all have to look the same. Be creative!

QR Codes for Restaurants on Table tops for Dine-in

QR Code Design For Table Tops At Restaurant

Place the QR Codes on your dine-in tables using a table stand. You can get some plastic table stands at Amazon in bulk and then insert your QR Codes inside them. When customers scan, they can either see your menu or even order directly with your table number for a fully contactless experience.  

How to Make A QR Code for my restaurant?

There are many different ways to make your restaurant’s QR code. If you are a small franchise or single location restaurant then you don’t need any fancy QR code subscription or the need for a dynamic QR code despite what these websites tell you. To make a QR code you can use a static QR code generator along with a tool like Adobe Spark or Canva to make the rest of the design for free.

QR Code for my app

If you have a branded app for your restaurant you likely have an app for IOS and Android. This means that usually, you would need two QR codes, one QR code for each link. Fortunately with onelinkto you can have 1 QR code going to both apps depending on the user’s device. Now that is some cool tech right here. Best of all it is provided free of charge, no string attached. 

Printing QR Codes for Restaurants

Printing the QR code for your restaurant can be done with a printer at home or at a place like Staples. It is worth using good-quality paper. For small QR Codes add several ones to an 8×11 inch sheet of paper and cut them out if you are doing them yourself

Printing QR Codes for restaurants
Put several smaller QR codes onto a larger sheet if you plan on printing and cutting it yourself

Should I Use Dynamic or Static QR Codes For Restaurants?

The core difference between a dynamic or static QR Code is that dynamic ones can be updated and tracked. If you are interested in the number of times people have scanned a QR code or might want to update the URL and content of the URL then dynamic ones are probably better. 

Most QR code websites push dynamic QR codes over static ones. If you are a large chain restaurant with dozens of locations I would agree that dynamic QR codes are the way to go. QR Code generator websites charge a fairly high premium ( a monthly fee ) to be able to track this usage. In reality, you can set up your own Google Analytics and your website to easily track the number of QR code scans. The Order Guys offer free Dynamic QR codes that track website usage.

I will provide you with a dynamic QR code if you sign up with at least one of the services we offer.  We can also provide you with a static QR code design absolutely free. 

We also offer to set up your own QR code tracking on your website with Google Analytics and a custom-designed page for a one-time fee of $99. You will be able to monitor even more stats than most of these “Dynamic QR Code Companies” and it will come with a completely customized and branded design.

For some more information please contact us below or fill out a website inquiry. 

For info regarding how to scan a QR Code please see this article from Wired

Top websites that offer QR Code Generators include 


This one has lots of names online but really all go back to the same backend dashboard.  Some of them include qrcode-monkey.com and qr-code-generator.com. There are quite a few different option templates for styling. Like most websites, you can generate a simple static QR code for free and stick than onto your poster. If you are looking for a dynamic QR code though you will need a “Pro Plan” that starts at $5.50 USD per month and goes up to over $40 per month.

The landing page for these is pretty plain and not too customizable but they have a friendly dashboard to see the number of scans. The scans are also not fully Whitelabel as you will be going to one of their shortened URL websites.  If you got some spare cash to spend and absolutely need tracking and want to set this up yourself in about 5 minutes then this service is good for you, but you will be paying a premium long term. 


Flow code seems like the new kid on the block. They offer an array of premade template designs and the QR codes are round rather than the typical square.  A very easy interface with a number of patterns to choose from.  Flow code also does a redirect to whatever destination URL you put in so in that sense it is more whitelabel. The downside is that with the free version they insert their own branding “flowcode” into the QR code design. Their pro plan is $9.95 USD per month. 

3. QR.IO 

This platform offers a very easy-to-use interface with lots of options for styling the QR code shape, form and colour as well as customizing the frames and adding your own logo.  Analytics is fairly limited as it seems to only show the number of scans and nothing else. The other downside is that the pricing is quite steep at $25 USD/month

Pros: white-label, URL gets redirected, very easy to set up and use. Lots of design options

Cons: Pricing and a lack of analytics. 

You can learn more about the plans here


qr code ordering and scanning

QR Code Consultation

Still not sure about what is best for you? Feel free to contact us for a no sales pitch information discussion about what QR codes you might need for your restaurant and how to create them.  If you are a local restaurant and need tech or marketing help without high agency prices we might be a good fit.

We help hundreds of local restaurants in your area and are locally based. Whether it is QR Codes for your restaurant, social media or setting up an online ordering system for restaurants we would be happy to help.