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Third Party Apps like Skip The Dishes DoorDash and Uber Eats control 80% of online orders and charge on average between 20% and 30% commission fees per order. The Order Guys charge 0% commission fees forever and help you setup your own website, app and online advertising. 

Online ordering for restaurants with all-in-one marketing including Google Ads management, SEO and social media. We are absolutely certain that if you follow our guideline and recommendations in the first 90 days you will be saving thousands of dollars in commission fees like many other restaurants we work with. 

Trusted By Hundreds of Local Restaurants Near You

Own your restaurant data. Don’t be complacent with third party apps taking up all the profits. Fight back! The Order Guys will help increase your online presence and help you get more orders with your own personal account manager. 

Digital Marketing + Ads

Our marketing strategy will help you get more orders, attract new customers and retain customers to order through online again and again.  No contracts, local support, no commission fees. 

Do you Work With Restaurants Only?

Absolutely not! We work with hundreds of other local businesses providing website and digital marketing. Niches include spas, healthcare, health & beauty,  automotive, construction, daycare and much more. 

Select Restaurant Partners

Fastest growing local restaurant website developer in Edmonton. Partner with us in select cities and get a Free Restaurant Website with and online ordering or hosting plan. 

TOG Tech Partners

We build customized SEO optimized websites for restaurants and local businesses in Alberta and all across Canada. In order to get you the most affordable, cost effective and optimal results we work with a range of tech partners and software and work 100% remotely so that we have no overhead cost of other agencies.