Online Ordering System FAQs

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our online ordering system

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Online Ordering System and Website Services

Your dedicated rep will answer and help you with any questions and onboard your restaurant quickly and efficiently. However, below you can find some answers to some of your initial burning questions.

Yes, it will work with any website, including WordPress, WIX, Square Space or custom. We can also build you a branded SEO-optimized website for a one-time setup fee if you need a website. Mobile optimized websites with one-year free SSL website Litespeed hosting with any ordering plan. Most of our restaurants partners use us for their website and hosting requirements. 

You will have your restaurant-branded app available for your customers to download on the App and Google Play store. You will simply need an online ordering plan to get started. 

We take no commission fees whatsoever. We strive to make online ordering and web development affordable for all restaurant owners. For online payments, we partner with Stripe, Moneris, and PayPal. These gateway providers charge a processing fee that is gateway and volume-dependent. Learn more about setting up your Stripe API keys.

Most Definitely! We offer full training and support. You will also be able to update all the menu items easily yourself in the admin dashboard area. A monthly premium support plan is also available.

Yes we will build you website for you and also host your website on our lite speed hosting servers. 

We can use your own restaurant photos that you provide. The images will get uploaded to the ordering menu and website gallery. If you do not have pictures, we can use some stock photos for the website. I strongly encourage you to use your actual restaurant photos. If you are local to Edmonton and need a professional photo shoot done, please request a quote.

We will work closely with your restaurant to ensure that you follow the best strategies to help you get more orders online. It is best to make sure that your customers know about your online ordering website, and we have a short guide to get more orders for your restaurant. If you need further help, your dedicated account manager will help.

We have advanced delivery mapping with our online ordering system to make it very easy for your delivery drivers. All the fees will be auto-calculated in real-time with the zones you have set up. I.e.:


3KM Delivery | $3.99 Fee | Min Order Amount: $20
5KM Delivery | $5.99 Fee | Min Order Amount: $30
We can also draw in specific shapes and size

You will be alerted on your restaurant's tablet (IOS/Android) as soon as the customers place an online order. On the tablet, you will be able to specify the pickup or delivery times for each order. Each order is unique and different, and setting a custom time ensures an optimal customer experience.

The tablet will ring until you accept the order. If you are too busy to take the order, the customer will get an automated alert message saying:


"The restaurant is currently too busy to accept the order please call or try again later."

You should try and make sure to miss as few orders as possible.

Choose whether or not you want to accept orders outside the restaurant opening hours.

NO: System will make it impossible for the customer to place an order on the website outside of your restaurants' operation hours

YES: System will send notification alert to tablet as soon as you open.

Yes, you can print your orders automatically to a thermal receipt printer. You will need a compatible Epson or Star thermal receipt printer to do so.

Please refer to our list of compatible printers we guarantee to support and recommend. If you are looking for a thermal receipt printer, we may also have a few in stock.

As mentioned earlier, all orders will go to you in real-time on your tablet. You will also get an email alert about the exact order details. Finally, you will have access to a complete admin dashboard. Here you can view all your orders quickly and keep track of your sales history. We also provide restaurant data analytics that shows your most popular menu items and breaks down orders by location and device.

We strongly recommend using a dedicated tablet for taking orders. However, it is possible to use an existing third-party platform tablet if you have access to the App/Google Play store and can check your emails on the device. We recommend using a Lenovo Tab M8 HD, an affordable and reliable tablet, which we can provide depending on your location. 

We would love to help you get started! Please request a quote above or fill out a contact form with your restaurants' name and contact details.