Online ordering menu setup and editing prices

You are able to edit the prices on your menu very easily on the computer. Right now the admin area to edit your prices must be done on a computer-sized screen. 

This video gives a quick run down of where to find the menu setup and price edit features on your dashboard

For further questions or instruction, you can visit the guide below or book a meeting time with me 

Step 1: Login on the computer

Login to the order menu restaurant login system
Login to your admin dashboard

Please login to your restaurant’s online ordering dashboard and admin area with the provided credentials of your account rep at

Step 2: Navigate to the Menu Setup Section

Once logged in on your dashboard please navigate to the menu setup section 

Restaurant menu setup section
Menu Setup Section

Step 3: Edit the menu category

Edit restaurant menu category
Menu Category Edits

You will be able to add the name and description of each menu category.  Each menu category should contain a list of closely related menu items 


In the dropdown icon button 🔽  for each menu category, you can edit the menu visibility to show only certain hours or hide all menu items in that category 

Step 4: Edit the menu items

Edit the Menu Items on the online ordering menu
Menu Category Edits

Clicking the dropdown caret button you will be able to see all the items for that drink menu category. If you don’t see any items you can add a new item.


Under each item you will be able to see the edit options and the drop-down options where you can specify the following on the menu item level:  

  • Visibility
  • Mark Item As
  • Taxation


Mark Item as allows you to pick whether or not the following items are 

  • hot 
  • vegan
  • halal
  • dairy-free
  • vegetarian
  • gluten-free
  • nut-free 
  • raw


There are currently eight labels to choose from based on the most popular restaurant options. If you want to mark your item as something else you can always specify a custom one in the name or description of each item. 

Step 5: Choices & Addons

Choices and Add Ons

Choices & Addons are where your restaurant menu customizations can really come to life.

Once you have added a group, you can add choices to each group.


A group is a collection of choices that can be added to each menu item or menu category via drag and drop.  In the example above the following are groups

  • Crust
  • Extra Toppings Small
  • Extra Toppings Large


The extra toppings are split into small and large so that we can add them to each pizza size and have extra toppings priced according to each pizza size. 


Once you have added your group of choices you can hover over each group and click on edit where you will be able to 

  • Choose between optional or mandatory
  • Force min or max number of selections that the customer can pick 
  •  Allow the customer to add the same choice multiple times 


For each choice in the group, you will be able to edit the price, name and determine whether it should be pre-selected for the customer. 

shows choices for the Regular Toppings Group
Have as many choices for your Group

There is a lot of flexibility to build the menu out exactly how you need to ensure


  • It is very easy and convenient for your customers
  • It is very easy and convenient for you and your staff
  • Less confusion in the ordering process thereby streamlining your online ordering


With online ordering, you can also effectively limit and control how you would like people to order online.


If you are a restaurant that needs lots of customization you should be able to build all of that into the menu online ordering system. 

Preview and Test Your Order

preview and test order

After making changes you should use the green Preview & Test Ordering button at the top to ensure that the changes you made are accurate and reflect how you want a customer to order. If you still ensure you can use the Show Me button on the top. 


We can also build the menu for you as well. To do so please send an email to or use the Menu Upload button on your dashboard. (note this is not an automated menu build and will send an email to a menu builder or your account manager where they will give you a quote or help you out). We hope this quick overview has helped you to edit your restaurant’s online ordering menu. If you need a website and/or online ordering system please feel free to get in touch.