Donair Express

Donair Express is one the original Donair Shops ​Established in 1989 located 8523 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5B 0S8  

When Customers who come to Donair Express as teens, return with their children or grandchildren. It makes the hard work of running a restaurant worthwhile. 

Samir Bleibel and his brothers bought the business in 1989. Samir and his 4 brothers had followed another brother to Edmonton from Lebanon in 1987. Samir had been working on his Ph.D. in administration and political science in Paris and planned to complete it here, but found work in insurance at Allstate. 

Samir and his brother worked hard to build the shop to where it is today. Samir is grateful to have worked with his employees, who to him is like family.

Donair Express has the distinction of being one of the oldest shops in Edmonton. They offer high-quality meat and spices. Everything is made fresh and in house. 

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