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Digital menu boards for restaurants custom-tailored to your exact specifications. We work to get your restaurant’s TV menu looking professional.

High-quality menu designs make a huge impression when the customer first walks into your restaurant. 

No Templates, all of our TV menu designs are yours to keep forever. 

We make thousands of digital designs for restaurants.  Get a quote today. 

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All TV designs are uniquely crafted and used in real restaurants! No cookie cutter templates. Source files are yours to keep forever.

Sam's Pizza Digital Menu Board
2 for 1 Pizza TV Menu
Digital Menu Board For Sam's 2 For 1 Pizza
Digital Menu TV For Sam's 2 For 1 Pizza
Vertical TV Menu Blue And Pink For DAIRY LANE
Vertical TV Menu Board
halloween vertical tv menu
Vertical TV Menu Boards - Halloween Style
Taystee Donair TV Menu
Digital Menu Boards / TV Menu for Taystee Donair
Alibaba Fried Chicken - TV Menu
Digital Menu Boards / TV Menu for Alibaba Fried Chicken
taste of india vertical tv menu
Taste of India Vertical Tv menu
taste of india vertical tv menu 2
Taste of India Vertical Tv menu 2
Pizza Daily Special Online Ordering
Basiles' 2 For 1 Pizza Menu
Online Ordering Menu For Restaurants
Basile's Digital Menu Board
vertical tv menu for outback steakhouse
Breakfast Menu - Digital Menu Board
vertical digital menu boards for outback steakhouse
Steakhouse TV menu Vertical Design
Pizza Republic TV Menu
Pizza Republic Tv Menu
Pizza Republic Tv Menu
Pizza Republic Digital Menu Board
Greek Style Minimalist TV Menu Board Blue
digital menu board greek style
Johnny's Patio Digital Menu Board
Digital Menu Boards
Burger Menu Board
Burger Digital Menu Board
Combo Display For Burger Menu Board
Taystee Donair TV Menu 2
Digital Menu Boards / TV Menu for Taystee Donair
Digital Menu And TV Menu Sir Donair
Donairs & Specials - TV Menu At Sir Donair
Hot Donair & Shawarma TV Menu
Hot Donair & Shawarma Platters
Menu Design For Restaurants
Hot Donair & Shawarma Specials
All Hours Pizza TV Design For Digital Signage
2 For 1 Pizza TV menu
Roma Pizza and Donair TV Menu - Digital TV Menus
Combos And Deals
Digital Menu Boards - Pasta and Loafs - Sir Donair
Digital Menu Boards / TV Menu for Taystee Donair
Digital Menu Boards / TV Menu for Alibaba Fried Chicken
Digital Menu Boards For Pizza
Digital Menu Boards / TV Menu for Taystee Donair
Kingdom Donair TV Menu
Classic Pizza TV Menu
Digital Menu Boards
Tastii Burger TV Menu
Digital Menu Board for Tastii Donair
Tastii Digital Menu Board
Digital Menu Boards - Morinville Pizza
Morinville Pizza TV Menu
Morinville Pizza - Digital Menu Board
Simple TV Menu
Digital Menu Boards
Vancia Donair Platters - Digital Menu Board
Vancia Donair TV Menu
Vancia Donair TV Menu
TASTII DONAIR PAGE 2 TV Menu - Donairs and Poutine
Tastii Donair TV Menu
Tastii Donair TV menu - Build Your Own Pizza
Tastii Pizza Tv Menu
Digital TV Menu And Online Ordering Website
Rocky' Donair TV Menu Sides
Full Digital TV Menu Design
Large TV Menu With Combos
Rocky' Donair Menu 3
Rocky's Donair TV Menu Redesign
Rocky's Donair TV Menu 2
Digital Menu Board For Restaurants

Best TV Menu For Restaurants

The best digital TV menu for your restaurant depends on your budget and preference and the type of restaurant you are running. Digital TV menus are made using digital signage software or with simple tools like Microsoft Powerpoint or Adobe design software. There is no doubt that high-definition restaurant TV menus/ digital menu boards make a great first impression. They are also probably less expensive and easier to update than traditional printed signage.

Benefits of Using Digital Menu Boards

Large restaurant chains like McDonald’s can benefit from digital menu board software that can easily be updated across all restaurants and come with customizable pre-made templates. Pricing for digital signage varies and starts at about $20/month. Digital signage software is essential if you are constantly looking to update your menu and pricing and want to do this yourself easily without the help of a designer. Digital signage may also be animated or shown as a slide show. With vivid displays and dynamic content, they attract attention and provide a clearer, more detailed view of what’s on offer. Ever tried squinting at a chalkboard from the back of a queue? Those days are behind us.


While the initial investment might seem hefty, think about the long run. No more printing costs every time there’s a new dish or a price change. Plus, it’s a one-time setup with minimal maintenance. With digital boards, the beauty lies in the simplicity and speed of updates. They can be done very quickly and uploaded to the TV screen without the need for manual intervention, leading to significant labor cost reductions. The savings from printing alone can justify the initial investment in digital technology, making it a cost-efficient and environmentally conscious choice. 

Aesthetics and Design

Digital menu board design greatly impacts customer impressions and decisions. It’s not just about aesthetics, but clarity and brand consistency. The right design elements—colors, fonts, layout—ensure menus are readable and inviting. Consistent designs across outlets reinforce brand identity. With a unique digital board, it can enhance the overall brand and make a great first impression on customers walking in. As the old saying goes, “We eat first with our eyes”.

There are three types of routes you can go with digital TV menus and digital signage for your restaurant. 

ROUTE 1: Digital menu board and digital signage software

The first option is to use digital signage. What exactly is digital signage in the first place? One definition is “a centrally controlled system to display your content on one or more displays or screens.” Customers will get a box (hardware) or a cloud-based software solution from the digital signage company. With software and hardware, they will have access to a range of templates to build out and control their digital menu on their selected digital screens or kiosks. There are many digital signage companies in the USA and Canada. Here are four that offer digital menu boards and tv menus for restaurants. 

Digital Signage Software Companies

1. Novosign

Novosign is a digital signage company located in Dallas and Manhattan and helps companies like Disney, Hilton and Ikea with their digital signage needs. Their subscription-based pricing starts at USD 18/screen/month. They have an extensive collection of pre-made templates and fonts. A drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for the end users to update the pricing.

2. NexSigns

NexSigns will ship the hardware to all your locations and provide free training sessions to get your staff up to speed with all the features. The extensive library means no designer is needed. You can do it yourself! They also provide an option for custom designs with their creative design team

3. Nento 

Nento is a plug N play digital signage and content management solution that allows you to control all your screens with a single user. They have a wide range of beautifully designed templates that you can select. Their plan starts at $99/month last time we checked and they have offices in Canada and the US.

4. Yodeck

Yodeck prides itself on offering free digital signage solutions. However, this plan was limited to only one screen, and you need to purchase the Yodeck player for USD 79 or have something called Raspberry PI ( miniature computer) to use it. Yodeck seems to be a promising silicon valley start-up. However, they still have a lot of work to do, including making it easier for the end-user to get started for free if they want to become a true digital signage solution disruptor. 


We surveyed many restaurant owners (local and small businesses), and digital signage software is rarely used. Most graphic or digital designs come from owners or local graphic designers who have made their own using MS PowerPoint or Adobe Photoshop. The DIY (do it yourself method works well if you know how to design, have great pictures of your restaurant and have free time to go and create it. You will also need a license to either MS PowerPoint or some other design tool, which can range from $79 for MS 365 personal edition ( included along with MS Word and MS Excel) to $71.99/month for Adobe Creative Cloud. 


Local printing companies have often designed the menus to use for the TV as digital signage. It simplifies the hardware to simply a TV screen and a USB. Hiring a reliable designer can be tricky sometimes. Ensure that the designer you work with provides you with the source files of their work so that you can always pass the design work onto someone else in case they disappear. Most professional graphic designers work with Adobe CC, so your menu source files will be of the following extensions PSD or AI. 

With a local designer, you still may need to pay them to edit the menus for you in the future, but this will still be one of the most cost-effective and straightforward solutions for you as a small restaurant owner. It is especially true if you work with an experienced designer or a local company or print shop that consistently provides these services. Contact a local business below to create your digital menu boards in Edmonton, Calgary or Vancouver!

Digital Menu Boards and TV Menu Design In Canada

  1. The Order Guys
  2. Logo Design Edmonton
  3. Natasia Designs
  4. Mega Signs
  5. Kristin Gibson
  6. Destroy The Box
  7. Red Viking Creative
  8. Lianne Charlene Creative

How To Start

Please chat with us or request a quote above for your restaurant’s graphic design or digital tv menu design today. All you need to get started is to supply us with your current menu. We will discuss the graphic design you are looking for and which is best for your restaurant branding. 

Do It Yourself – Create Your TV Menu

You can create your TV menu by yourself for a low cost using tools like Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Canva or even Microsoft PowerPoint! The learning curve for using tools like Adobe will be much steeper compare to online tools such as Piktochart or Canva. You might find a great starting template with a tool like Canva or Piktochart and be able to drag and drop the elements you need to create a nice clean menu. If you are new to design or looking to try to create your own TV Menu without a graphic design background, then Canva is a great place to start. A big advantage of using Canva is that it is free! They use a freemium business model which allows you or your graphic designer to easily share and collaborate without high monthly fees. With the ease of use for both designer and client, many large design agencies are starting to use these online design tools more and more for their use of use and collaboration. 

Animated TV Menus

Animated TV menus means that each item or page has custom animations that are not inherent to the regular TV sliders.  If you are interested in animated TV menus please send us a message for a custom quote. Animated TV menu pricing will be based on the requirements such as the number of slides and the type of animations required.  Example of animated TV menus can be found in this link: 

Animated TV Menu Sample


We are not a digital software signage company and do not believe that is necessary for most local restaurants unless your restaurant is a large franchise. Typically digital signage software companies provide you with rented software and hardware, and their pricing can be upwards of $100/month for just a few screens. We believe our custom-designed digital TV menus are a great solution between printed menus and digital signage software. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A digital menu board is an electronic display, often utilizing LCD or LED technology, that showcases menu items, prices, and promotions in restaurants, cafes, and other food establishments. Often it can be updated easily or in real-time and offers dynamic visuals, animations, and interactivity, unlike traditional chalkboard or paper menus. 

They offer flexibility in updates, potential cost savings over time by eliminating printing costs, dynamic advertising opportunities, and can enhance the overall customer experience through engaging visuals and promotion

Some digital menu boards typically utilize specialized software that allows for easy updates, scheduling of promotions, and integration of dynamic content like videos or animations. Other digital menu boards simply require a TV with a USB port. The TV will able to then display the static menu as a JPG file or an animated menu in mp4 format. 

Pricing various considerably from company to company and the requirements of the restaurant. For example TV menus with interactivity or animations will be more expensive then those with the advanced features.  The Order Guys can provide a static TV menu for a one-time cost, lifetime deal starting at $79.