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Pinterest marketing service designed to get you more pins, links, comments and value. We create pins in bulk based on your current site, TikTok or Instagram account. 

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Pinterest Pins

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Pinterest Pins are a powerful tool for amplifying your brand’s presence and attracting organic visitors to your site. By leveraging the visual appeal and SEO benefits of Pinterest, you can boost your brand’s visibility and drive more traffic, ultimately enhancing your search engine rankings and online reach.

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Pinterest Marketing

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We’ll go through your website or Instagram page get a feel for your brand and create Pinterest content based on your branding. 

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We will use pictures from your site or brand and each pin will come with a bonus comment and reaction to increase engagement. 

Pinterest Plus

100 Pinterest Pins For $100

  • Pinterest Branding
  • Onboarding
  • Phone Call Support
  • Pinterest content writing
  • Board Creation
  • Comments and Reactions

Pinterest GOld

200 Pinterest Pins For $160

  • Pinterest Branding
  • Onboarding
  • Phone Call Support
  • Pinterest content writing
  • Board Creation
  • Comments and Reactions

Pinterest Diamond

300 Pinterest Pins For $180

  • Pinterest Branding
  • Onboarding
  • Phone Call Support
  • Pinterest content writing
  • Board Creation
  • Comments and Reactions

100% Manually Done

We Design It Create It  Make It  Write It Redesign It  Pin It 

Just provide us your website URL and we will do the rest* (website and content must be compliant with Pinterest terms and conditions.)

What Business Can Benefit From Pinterest Pins?

Why Pinterest Pins are on untapped source of SEO and marketing for many brands?

Pinterest functions as a visual search engine, which means users are actively searching for ideas, products, and inspiration. This behavior aligns closely with purchasing intent, making Pinterest a powerful platform for marketing.

Getting started FAQs

A Pinterest pin is a visual bookmark that you can save to your boards on Pinterest. Pins can be images, videos, or GIFs that link back to the original source of the content.

To create a Pinterest pin, click the “+” button on your profile or home feed, select “Create Pin,” upload an image or video, add a title, description, and link, and choose a relevant board to save it to.

The optimal size for Pinterest pins is 1000 x 1500 pixels, with a 2:3 aspect ratio. Taller pins may be truncated in the feed.

To make your pins more discoverable, use high-quality images, add keyword-rich titles and descriptions, use hashtags, and categorize your pins correctly.

Rich pins provide more context about an idea by showing extra information directly on the pin. There are four types: app, product, recipe, and article. To use rich pins, you need to apply for them and add specific meta tags to your website.

You can schedule Pinterest pins using third-party tools like Tailwind or Hootsuite. These tools allow you to plan and automate your pinning schedule to ensure consistent activity on your profile.

Yes, you can edit a Pinterest pin after posting it. Go to the pin, click the pencil icon to edit, and make the necessary changes to the title, description, or link.

To delete a Pinterest pin, open the pin, click the three dots (ellipsis) icon, select “Delete Pin,” and confirm the deletion.

Group boards are collaborative boards where multiple users can pin. They are useful for team projects, sharing ideas with friends, or collaborating with other content creators.

You can analyze the performance of your Pinterest pins using Pinterest Analytics. This tool provides insights into impressions, saves, clicks, and engagement rates for your pins.

Best practices for designing Pinterest pins include using vertical images, maintaining a consistent brand style, adding text overlays to highlight key messages, and using high-quality, eye-catching images.

Yes, you can promote your Pinterest pins using Pinterest Ads. Promoted pins appear in relevant search results and feeds, helping you reach a larger audience.

Backlink Opportunities

With Pinterest Marketing You Can Generate 100s of High Quality Backlinks

Each pin can include a link back to the brand’s website. These backlinks are valuable for SEO, as they can drive traffic and improve the website’s search engine ranking.












Pinterest Tip #1

Leverage Pinterest's Guided Search for Keyword Insights

Pinterest’s guided search feature provides valuable insights into what users are actively searching for. When you start typing a keyword in the search bar, Pinterest suggests related terms and phrases that users frequently search for. These suggestions can help you identify long-tail keywords and trending topics that you might not have considered. Use these insights to optimize your pin descriptions, titles, and board names with relevant keywords that can enhance your visibility and reach.

Pinterest Tip #2

Create and Optimize Pinterest Boards for Seasonal and Evergreen Content

Creating boards that cater to both seasonal trends and evergreen content can significantly boost your engagement. Seasonal boards (e.g., holiday decorations, summer fashion, back-to-school tips) can drive short-term traffic during peak times, while evergreen boards (e.g., home decor tips, healthy recipes, productivity hacks) ensure a consistent flow of traffic throughout the year.

Shopping Integration

Pinterest has integrated shopping features that allow users to buy products directly from the platform. Brands can create shoppable pins, making it easy for users to purchase items they discover on Pinterest. We can also link your pins directly to your shopping or ecommerce product pages to provide a seamless brand experience.

Pinterest Marketing Done Right

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