Olaf & Sons Catering

Event Catering and Personal Chef Services in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto. 

Chef Olaf Andersson

We offer a grand selection of catering for all types of events and sizes up to 100 people. Affordable and unique food offerings with our classic and seasonal menu. We deliver to you and ensure your guest’s needs and allergy or dietary requirements are fulfilled. 

“Food brings people together. It’s the most basic need of humans and one of life's greatest pleasures. The ability to move people with food is my greatest pleasure and passion.”

Olaf & Sons

Corporate Events

Weekly Meals Prep

Hire a personal chef to prepare delicious home-made meals and save valuable time. Olaf & Sons will create personalized weekly meal plans tailored to your taste preferences and dietary requirements.

Weekly Meals Prep

Corporate Events

Celebrate corporate events, milestones and other special occasions with catering delivered to your office.

Personal Chef Services

Exceptional Catering

Ideal for small to medium-scale events. Specializing in boutique and high-quality catering services in your preferred serving style, taste, and budget.

Bespoke Menus

Custom-made and tailored catering right to your doorstep.  Exceptional quality with the finest made ingredients from Pacific Salmon and AAA Alberta Beef to Tourtière. Coast to coast, with Canadian-made and locally sourced ingredients from farm to table.