Best Asian Food Edmonton – Top Gems in 2023

Best Asian Food Edmonton

Best Asian Food Edmonton?  Well, you’re in the right place! Below will highlight 22 of the top Asian food spots in the great city of Edmonton. We’ll discuss what each restaurant offers and their respective addresses, phone numbers, highlights, and some Google reviews.

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Rice Bowl Deluxe Callingwood

#226 6655-178 Street
Edmonton, AB T5T 4J5

Rice Bowl Deluxe is a reliable and flavourful experience packed with various options. The prices are fair, and the portions are sized perfectly. It’s challenging to find a contemporary and minimalistic design in Rice Bowl Deluxe. The informal, no fast-food feel is perfect for quick bite stops

  • Quick Bite
  • Easy To Order
  • Versatile Menu
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Green Bean Mountain Bistro

11120 142 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 4G5

If you’re visiting the Telus World of Science, I recommend stopping by the Green Bean Mountain Bistro. This restaurant has everything you could want. The food is full of flavour with great portion sizes. Indian, Nepalese, quick lunch spot, study café, lots of parking. 


  • Authentic flavours
  • Large Menu
  • Momos
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Amazing Wok

904 103A St SW, Edmonton, AB T6W 1A1

Amazing Wok is a fantastic find in the city. The menu features extensive fresh and delicious Asian cuisine, which is true. The entire experience is fantastic, leaving you feeling happy and full. If you’re looking for a straightforward Chinese food experience, Amazing Wok is your place.


  • Straight forward Chinese
  • Fast and Easy
  • Own Delivery
  • Low Prices

4. Golden Rice Bowl

5365 Gateway Blvd NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 4P8

Golden Rice Bowl is regarded by many as one of the best restaurants in Edmonton. The ambiance and vibe of the place are unmatched, leaving you feeling relaxed and complete. The owner is great and is the perfect spot for couples to hang out and get a bite. I highly recommend the restaurant’s seafood dishes and their Peking duck.

  • Great Vibe and Ambience
  • Dim Sum 
  • Truly Authentic

5. New Everest

10540 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2A4

The food at New Everest is exceptional, with mouth-watering Indo-Chinese dishes. The service is top-notch, with the chef meeting and greeting guests.

  • Hip and modern
  • Right on Whyte
  • Fresh and Authentic Indian Menu

6. Curry Spoon

6719 177 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 4K3

If you’re looking for a solid Indian food spot, Curry Spoon is arguably one of the best spots in the city. I’ve tried over six different dishes and have never been disappointed. I highly recommend ordering ahead and getting pickup. It’s usually ready in 20 to 25 minutes, which is enormous since some takeout spots take forever.

  • Excellent Indian Food
  • Wide Range of Vegetarian Dishes
  • Hidden Gem

7. Smilie’s Village

981 Fir St, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4N5

Smilie’s Village is an excellent spot if you’re looking for a buffet. I’m a massive fan of the Szechuan beef and the banana cream pie. That one-two punch combo is an experience I can’t recommend enough. The service is fantastic, so give the menu a thorough try (especially the crab and cream cheese puffs).

  • Buffet Style Restaurant
  • Voted Best Chinese in Sherwood Park

8. Ninja Noodle

7443 Roper Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T6B 3K9

Ninja Noodle has one of the best Szechuan beef in the city. It’s crispy and tender, no matter when ordering it. Personally, I love the Chow Mein, veggies, and rice, and I am never disappointed. Check out the individual combo plates for a good time.

  • Excellent Menu Featuring Asian and Thai Cuisine
  • Extremely Affordable

9. Boualouang

10569 97 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2L4

If you’re in Chinatown, consider stopping by Boualouang. The veggie spring rolls, green curry, mixed veggies, and tofu are superb. One of my favourite dishes is the Drunken Noodles with Tofu. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, Boualouang is a fantastic spot for accommodating any diet requirements.

  • Excellent Thai Food
  • Fast Dishes, Great Service

10. Thanh Thanh Oriental Noodle House

10718 101 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2S3

Thanh Thanh Oriental Noodle House is one of my favourite noodle houses in the city. It’s perfect takeout and is solid for dining. The service is reliable, and everything I’ve had is flavourful. I highly recommend the noodle soups I’ve had; they are tasty and perfect for comforting me.

  • Specialty Noodle Spot
  • Fantastic Wonton Soup

11. Kaiming's Kitchen

17288 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton, AB T5S 1K6

I haven’t met someone who doesn’t love Kaiming’s Kitchen. The soy sauce, chow mein, and spring rolls combo are among the most satisfying combos in the city. The spring rolls are light and jammed with flavour without being too greasy. Expect to have leftovers with how large the portions are.

  • Excellent Asian Dishes
  • Unique and Authentic Egg Rolls

12. Rice King Vietnamese Noodle House

12643 153 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5X 5X8

Rice King Vietnamese Noodle House has one of the best deals for two. If you’re with a friend, a family member, or a partner, I can’t recommend the eatery’s combo deals enough. The ginger beef is excellent and is stirred with fresh peppers and onions. The owner is extremely nice and friendly too.

  • Fantastic Variety of Rice
  • Great Deals Throughout the Week

13. Syphay Restaurant

4428 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton

Thai food is a must-visit when discussing Asian food cuisine in Edmonton. Syphay Restaurant is one of the best, located along Calgary Trail. The food is delicious and worth the wait. Expect to wait a bit since there’s always a long line waiting, especially on weekends. Regardless, the fried rice dishes and pad thai are worth it.

  • Terrific Thai Food
  • Nice Dinner or Date Spot

14. Wok This Way Restaurant

4028 50 St NW, Edmonton

If you’re looking for a New York-style Chinese restaurant in Edmonton, Wok This Way Restaurant is your spot. The staff is excellent, professional, and friendly, with its fantastic food. The food is wholesome, thanks to its family-owned business style

  • Fast Service, Large Portions
  • Highly Raved About

15. Noi Thai Restaurant

10724 95 St, Edmonton, AB T5H 2C7

It is always a yes for Noi Thai Restaurant.  One of my favourite restaurants for salad rolls. The rolls are beautiful and delicious, packing everything you could want flavour-wise. Besides the salad rolls, check out the pad thai, stuffed tofu, coconut rice, and roti rolls. The owners are great as well, which is always a huge plus.

  • Delicious salad rolls
  • Superb Pad Thai

16. Thai Flavours

2570 Guardian Rd NW, Edmonton

Thai Flavours is an essential stop to check out for authentic Thai food. The fried rice, spicy curry, and noodles are my personal favourites. I haven’t had Thai food this authentic before, so if you’re looking for a spot like the restaurants in Thailand, Thai Flavours is the place for you.

  • Authentic Experience for Thai Food
  • Otherworldly Spicy Curry

17. Calgary Trail Noodle House

5730 104 St NW, Edmonton

Wonton soup is a staple of Asian food, and Calgary Trail Noodle House is the best. The chicken is always cooked to perfection, and the beef is served incredibly. I highly recommend the vermicelli, which is lovely and always filling. The prices are reasonable, and every meal is a significant portion.

  • Very Reasonable Prices with Big Portions
  • Meat is Cooked to Perfection

18. Rice To Go Chinese Restaurant

6919 172 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 5Y1

If you’re in the west end of the city, stop by Rice To Go Chinese. Pick-up is usually my go-to, with the food always coming out hot and fresh. Anything deep-fried is fantastic at the restaurant, with the chicken with garlic and soy sauce being my favourite. Give the menu a thorough try and see how you like it.

  • Authentic Asian Food
  • Hot and Fast Take Out

19. Cui Hua GuI Lin noodle house

10626 97 St NW, Edmonton

Cui Hua GUI Lin Noodle House is the best, most underrated spot. The soup broth is to die for, not to mention the instant fried noodles. The entire menu is cheap, making it a great place to eat. Though it doesn’t have a reputation, this noodle house is a must-visit.

  • Underrated Spot for Noodles
  • Extremely Cheap and Easy to Order

20. Baijiu

10359 104 St NW, Edmonton

If you’re looking for an excellent location for a late-night drink, Baijiu is one of the best spots in the city. The vibe is immaculate, featuring unique cocktails with great food. The signature Henne Tea is my favourite, though expect to pay a pretty penny. Regardless, the entire experience is worth it.

  • Excellent Location for a Late Night Drink
  • Relaxed Vibe and Fun Environment

21.Thai Valley Grill

4211 106 St #149, Edmonton, AB T6J 6L7

Who doesn’t love Thai food? Thai Valley Grill has excellent Thai food, with the shrimp Pad Thai and curry dishes being my favourite. The pad Thai is nice and saucy, giving the perfect flavour profile for my taste preference. It’s everything you could for in a restaurant with great food and service.

  • High-Quality Thai Food
  • Versatile Vegetarian Dishes

22.Dang, Good Restaurant

13308 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 2L8

Besides having a great name, Dang, Good Restaurant is the perfect eatery for spring rolls. The menu is deep with solid Asian food, my personal favourite being the beef sate. It’s not too spicy, so consider adding extra heat if you’re looking for it.

Where are the best Asian restaurants in Edmonton?

Edmonton is known for plenty of Asian food spots, so definitely take the time to visit as many as possible. No matter your preference, there are many options in the city, and they are worth the experience! We did a deep dive to find some of the best spots for great Asian food, and it can be found in all corners of the city! 

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Hopefully, this list helped you decide your next meal in Edmonton. If you don’t see your favourite asian food place feel free to drop a message in our contact form. You can also see a list of our restaurant partners here or learn more about getting your asian menu online for restaurants if you are an owner.

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