Benefits of Online Ordering for Restaurants

benefits of online ordering for restaurants
The benefits of online ordering for restaurants include saving time, reducing busy phone lines, getting more orders online and tracking customer preferences

The world is changing and restaurants now more than ever need to adapt. Having a website or Facebook page by itself now does not really allow a restaurants to standout online. Of course for a restaurant the most important aspect is the food and their service. If that is above and beyond people will spread the word through word of mouth referrals. Having an online strategy, an amazing website and an ordering system in place allows restaurants to expand beyond word of month referrals and build an online presence and base. The benefits of ordering online for restaurants are to reduce wait times, increase customer satisfaction,  provide contactless payment and better market to customers online. 

Reduce Wait Times

An online pickup ordering system will reduce wait times dramatically. This is great for user experience and could be key reason why someone chooses to order with you or just decide an a quicker or more convenient option. An online pickup food ordering system allows a customer to order online easily, run some chores and come to your restaurant 30 minutes later for pickup. This drastically reduces custom wait times, which is great for customer user experience.

Reduce Staff Times on the Phone

A well run restaurant is a busy restaurant especially during peak hours. Reduce the amount of time staff or taking orders via phone. If you have only one landline and a busy restaurant that means customers won’t get through to calling you to place a call. If they can’t get through the first time to place an order for pickup they might get frustrated and decide to go eat somewhere else. 

For a lot people used to eCommerce and ordering things online, ordering food online is a comfortable and familiar process. 

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Some people don’t like making calls

If you are a restaurant that accepts pickup orders online, the fact is a lot of people now a days rarely use there phone for making calls. This is especially true with the millennial and younger generation. For a lot people used to eCommerce and ordering things online, ordering food online is a comfortable and familiar process. 

Orders are accepted in real-time

Unlike a traditional eCommerce website, where you would simply get a confirmation email and your customer would get one saying an order is placed, eCommerce websites are not in real time. That eCommerce order usually takes a couple hours to process and a few days to be shipped off to the destination. For online ordering, it cannot work like that and expect and good customer user experience. When an order is placed, an alert will be sent to your phone via an alarm immediately and you will have to accept the order in real time to let the customer know that your order has been received. If you choose not to accept the customer online order for whatever reason, the user will not get an order confirmation.

Online Orders can be made on Facebook

No website, no problem. If you have a Facebook Business page than customers can also order through there as well. If you don’t have a Facebook business page that is popular an effective online strategy can help get more local users and hungry clientele to your site. With 1.7 billion monthly active users on Facebook, Facebook is an amazing platform all restaurant owners and managers can take advantage of.

Gives the Customer More Options

Its is no surprise that people love options. Having an online ordering system gives people more options and gives you and extra channel of revenue. With any business, keeping your website or Facebook page active lets people searching for you online know and understand that you are an active and thriving restaurant. Having an online ordering system gives you another reason to post and engage with your customers more often and frequently which in turn can drive up your online presence. 


Flexible Payments

With an online ordering system, customers can order online and choose to pay at the counter, over the phone or online as well. 

At The Order Guys, we will setup everything for you and charge 0% commission on unlimited orders. We are here to help you every step of the way with our always available support team. 

I hope this gives article give you a overview of how an online ordering system can help with your restaurant. If you have any questions or comments…please give me a shout out below.

Analyze Customer Preferences

With an online ordering system you can unleash the power of data analytics. All the orders that were placed online are in one place. It is easy to aggregate the data to find important trends or customer preferences. In addition, you can start to creating promotions based on the consumer both individually and as a whole. Promotions can be placed on your menu or website, advertised on Facebook or sent out to customers via email.  

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